Optimum Output’s Privacy Policy

  • Optimum Output is committed to protecting your personal information and privacy.
  • Optimum Output fully respects your right to privacy relating to your personal
    information. At any time you can contact us at support@optimumoutput.com if you:
    • would like to stop using our products and services;
    • want to stop receiving communications from us;
    • want to request a copy of your personal information that is stored by or with us; or
    • want us to delete your personal information stored by or with us.
  • This policy describes what type of personal information we obtain or collect; how we
    may use that personal user information; what rights you have relating to your personal
    information, and how you may exercise those rights; and an overview of the systems and
    measures we employ to protect your personal information.
  • Optimum Output may change this privacy policy from time to time. We will post any
    changes to this privacy policy and we will alert you to each of those changes.
  • Any capitalized terms or defined terms used, but not defined herein, shall have the
    meaning and definition as provided in the then current Optimum Output Terms of Use.

What We Collect

Optimum Output collects information to ensure proper function of our products and services and
to ensure those products and services are ever-improving. Here is the personal information and
file data we typically collect:

  • Personal Information
    • User Company name
    • User’s Business address
    • User First Name and Last Name
    • User’s email address – (Corporate email or personal as provided by the
      user or account administrator)
    • User’s and/or business’ contact number – if available or provided
    • User’s IP Address
    • User’s Operating System
    • Browser type
    • Browser version
    • City
    • State/Region
    • Country
    • Time zone
    • Screen Height
    • Screen Width
    • Last activity
    • Last seen
  • File Data
    • Authorized users may use our products and services to create and store
      File Data in the cloud. This File Data can be process information, product
      information, and/or improvement information. It is the user’s decision to
      determine what they would like to input into the File Data.
    • Optimum Output is not responsible for the proprietary or personal nature
      of the information contained in any of the File Data.
    • The File Data and all revisions are stored with Amazon Web Services
      (“AWS”). Users can delete this File Data at any time. Upon deletion – this
      File Data is marked for deletion, which will occur within no more than 60
      days after being marked as to be deleted by the user.

How the information and data that is collected may be used

The personal information that is collected is used to ensure that users have the proper access to
our products and services. Personal information is also collected to allow us to continually
update and improve our products and services to benefit our users. We use personal information

  1. Allow users to properly access our products and services on their various devices;
  2. Allow users to properly access their files stored on Amazon Web Services’ servers, via
    our products and services; and
  3. Allow us to periodically contact you by promotional emails, service alerts, or market

We may also use some or all of the collected information and data to:

  1. Track system and service usage for product and service improvements;
  2. Send and receive invitations for access to your account relating to usage of our products
    and services;
  3. Send and receive system alerts to or from your account;
  4. Maintain our internal records; and
  5. Aggregate and analyze usage trends to improve our products and services.

Data Retention Policy

  1. User Information Retention
  2. It is the responsibility of the User and/or the Account Administrator to reach out to us for deactivation of a user in a scenario where a user does not require and/or is no longer required to use our products and services.
  3. Once a deactivation request is received, we update our records, and the user is removed from our application database.
  4. The deactivated user contact may be kept in our customer relationship database for future product and service alerts and/or notifications. The deactivated user can inform us if they want to be removed from our customer relationship database at any time.
  5. File Data Retention
    • Users can delete File Data. Once a delete command is sent it is marked for deletion which will occur within no more than 60 days after being markedas to be deleted by the user.
    • All versions and delete markers attached to the File Data on the Amazon Web Services cloud storage are permanently deleted after 60 days. This 60-day window allows for file recovery in the event of any accidental deletion of any File Data.
  6. Account Cancellation
    • If the Account Administrator notifies us of account cancellation, the account and all users are removed from our application database.
    • After confirmation from the Account Administrator that File Data is to be deleted, all account File Data is also permanently deleted from Amazon Web Services Cloud storage.

Cookies and Similar Identifiers

We may use and later access cookies that are sent to your computer. A “cookie” is small amount
of data sent to your browser by a web server. That cookie may only be read by the server that
sent it to your browser. The cookie acts as an identifier for you, recording certain information
about your user details and session details. The cookie cannot be executed as code and cannot
transmit any viruses. Please note that third party sites use of their own cookies and identifiers are the subject of those third party privacy policies, and are not part of Optimum Output’s privacy policy.

International Usage Policy

In order to provide you with the best products and services, we utilize servers that allow you to
access our products and services anywhere in the world. Those servers may be located in your
country, or they may be located outside of your country. Those servers, or the information and
data residing on those servers may be transferred at any time to a server or a different location by Optimum Output to maintain the products and services you use as provided by us. Each of the countries from where we receive or store information or data may have different data protection laws and regulations. If we transfer your information between servers in different countries, we will have implemented appropriate measures, protections, and controls to appropriately protect your personal information. Such measures may include use of data transfer agreements based upon the standard clauses published by the European Commission in accordance with applicable law. By accessing our websites and using our products and services, you are agreeing to the above international data storage and usage policy. Please note that this Privacy Policy is written in English and the English version shall control any contractual interpretation. Any translation of this Privacy Policy that is provided is for convenience purposes only.

Service Providers, Business Partners, and Others

We use several business partners to help strengthen the great products and services we provide to
you. Currently, we utilize the following providers:

  • Amazon Web Services for file storage and application environments
  • Hostmysite.com for website and database management and hosting
  • GoDaddy for SSL services
  • PayPal for payment gateway services
  • Box for data storage
  • PipelineDeals for customer relationship management
  • Mailchimp for email marketing
  • Mixpanel for analytics
  • Zendesk for customer support; and
  • Cviker for certain augmented reality services

These services are used to provide you with the best possible products and services. Each of
these entities and services may have their own privacy policies. We may also utilize certain other third-party servers, services providers, business partners for services including but not limited to website hosting, file hosting, database hosting and management, server management, analytics,security, and payments. Each of these entities and service providers may also have their own privacy policies.

How We Protect Your Information

We are fully committed to protecting your information and have appropriate security measures
implemented to protect your personal information. Some of the measures we have in place to
keep your data safe include:

  1. AES-256 Server Side Encryption for secure storage
  2. SSL Encryption for secure communication
  3. Web Application Firewall for threat protection
  4. AWS Shield to prevent attacks and maintain uptime
  5. Cross Region Replication for higher redundancy
  6. Elastic Load Balancing for higher system reliability, and
  7. Robust Logging for error tracking.

Please note that while we strive to maintain and improve our security, we cannot and do not
guarantee the security of your data.

Third-Party Links

We may include links to various third-party sites, products or services from our website or from
our application. We assume no responsibility and have no liability for any content or the privacy
policies, practices, or activities of any of these linked third-party sites. We encourage you to
read the privacy policies of these linked sites as their privacy policies may be different from that of Optimum Output. We strive to protect the integrity of our site and accordingly welcome any feedback you may have about any of these linked sites.

Disclosure of Information

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your personal identifiable information to any third
parties unless we provide you with advance notice of any such proposed transfer. In order to
provide you with the best products and services, we may provide certain personal identifiable
information to our website hosting partners and other parties who assist us in operating our
website, in conducting our business, and/or in providing our products and services to you. We
may share certain aggregated, non-personally identifiable information with other parties for
marketing, advertising, and similar reasons. Please note that we may also be required to release
your information if we believe release is appropriate to comply with applicable law, with
appropriate court orders, to enforce our site policies, to protect the rights, property, or safety of others, or the rights, property or safety of Optimum Output.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email us at
support@optimumoutput.com. You can also call us at +12158258488 or mail us at 7 East Main
Street Suite 201, Moorestown, NJ 08057

This Privacy Policy was last updated September 26, 2019.